Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sports and Jewelry

About 2 years ago I saw a bracelet made with Swarovski bicones in alternating colors. When I saw it the first thing that went through my mind was wouldn't that bracelet look made in Dolphin colors? So of course I had to try it and it was awesome. But my mind didn't stop there. Then I thought wow, I could put a little silver dolphin charm on it and it would really be a Miami Dolphin Bracelet then. But I didn't stop there. Next I thought, I wonder what a heart would look like in Dolphin colors. That turned out to be my favorite one of all.

Shortly thereafter the University of Florida won the National Championship and I needed an idea for a birthday present for my daughter in law, who is an avid Gator fan and alum. So out came the beads. And I was able to find not only a Gator charm but also a National Champs charm.

And from there the idea just blossomed. I have made Buckeye jewelry for my other daughter in law who is an Ohio State alum and enthusiast and many, many more.

I really enjoy making custom items. It is really fun to make something that you know is going to have special meaning to someone. And who isn't a sports fan of one kind or another. There are so many options open to be creative and make something for that special sports nut in your family. And more ladies are becoming sports fans so this is a match made in heaven. And when a team is on top there is no better time to get those items out there.

So I think I will go make a Steeler bracelet and see what happens. I know there are a lot of Steeler fans out there.
You can order your favorite team bracelet at my ArtFire Studio. Choose team spirit category and tell me what you would like to have made. The possibilities are endless.


  1. My husband is a HUGE Miami fan! Anything FL! They came out great! can't wait to see the steelers one since those colors are really good together. Great work!

  2. Tag, I have nominated you for a lemonade award. Just go to www.gemsbyjerri.blogspot.com for award information.