Monday, August 31, 2009

Lots of New Things

I have not blogged in several days. And I have had all good intentions of doing so. But ArtFire and Facebook have kept me busy. And then I did sneak in a visit with the grand kids as well.

So let me tell you the exciting news. ArtFire has now made it possible to have a tab on your Facebook page for an ArtFire Kiosk. Now I know that doesn't sound very exciting but just wait until you hear what that does. Anyone can click on that tab and when they do it opens your ArtFire Studio right there on your Facebook page. So friends can browse your studio without leaving Facebook. And if they see something they simply can't live without all they have to do is click on the image and they can buy it right there and then. How awesome is that application. Those geeks at ArtFire are always looking for ways for us to get our pieces before the public eye.

The other project I work on was to create a Facebook page for Jewelry to Keep. I want a separate page where I could not only showcase all my jewelry but also items from all the great Artisans on ArtFire. And I wanted to "try" and get 100 fans so that I could keep my jewelrytokeep url. Well, within 2 days I had my 100 fans so now it is official...... is all mine. So besides showcasing Crazy Train Riders and Artisans from ArtFire and from the ArtFire Jewelry Designer and Jewelry Supply Guild on my blog, I will also be showcasing them on my Jewelry To Keep Facebook Page. I hope you will check it out and even become a fan.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I have not posted to this blog in quite a few days. Actually it's been over a week. I guess I haven't caught up from my trip yet. But it is great to be home.

Today I am featuring another ArtFire artisan. Amy's studio is Ajewelgift. She works mostly with glass and has many different items in her studio to choose from including jewelry.

But my favorites are her "dog" themed pieces. She has plates, pendants and barrettes all with dogs or paw prints on them. I have featured one of her plates and barrettes here. I am sure you can figure out why I picked this particular plate. It is on my wish list for sure.

If you haven't done so already you should check out Amy's studio. I have linked all the photos so you can click on them and travel through cyberspace to her studio. She also has really cute earrings and other assorted items. She will do custom pieces too if there is something you specifically want. Happy Shopping.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lover's Leap

We are finally in Virginia. This is our last state. After months of traveling across this great country we live in I can hardly believe we are in the last state before we head back to Florida.

Today part of our route was through the Blue Ridge Parkway that goes through southern Virginia. The picture was taken at Lover's Leap. There was still some early morning fog hanging in the valley when Jim went through. Since I was several hours behind him at this point most of it was gone by the time I stopped at this lookout. So it was interesting to see the picture with the fog still there.
Today's ride was much better than yesterday. We were still in some very significant hills but at least there weren't as many switchbacks which made the ride much easier. Yesterday there were so many twists and turns I felt like I was on a major ride at Universal. If I was ever going to get car sick it would have happened yesterday. And for the life of me I couldn't understand why the speed limit would be posted as 55 and then 10 feet later it would be 30 to go around the turns. And then 55 again and then 10 feet later 3o. Couldn't they just leave it at 30. Because I certainly wasn't flooring it between the curves. It was quite an experience. There were sections where I am sure Jim was going faster on the bike than I could go in the car. I am really glad that part is behind us.

We have about 2 more days to go and then we should be on the shores of the Atlantic. And believe me I can't wait to see him dip that front wheel in the Atlantic so we can head home. Two days later I will sleeping in my comfy bed in Sanibel. But it has been a fantastic ride and I am glad that we decided to do this. I think even Beau has had a good time.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Here is another reason to love the Internet. I know for certain that if it were not for the access the Internet gives you I would never have seen Almondtree's products. She is located in Singapore. But thanks to ArtFire and the Internet here she is on my blog. She has some fantastic products in her studio.

Of course I was attracted there when I saw her jewelry. So I went to her studio to see what else was there. Besides awesome jewelry she also has jewelry supplies. Her cellophane beads are adorable. And she has some amazing artwork.

I know have featured many studios on my web page and I will continue to do that. But you really need to see all that Almondtree has to offer. There is a wide range of products and her style shows through in all of them.

I love this ACEO. It has a Florida feel to it and would look great in my house. It may be gone by the time you get to Almondtree to look around.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

We Are Almost to the East Coast

We decided to take our course due east across Illinois and Indiana then into Ohio, down to Kentucky and then on to Virginia. The original course that was set out for us had us going south into Missouri and then skirting the southern part of Illinois then onto Kentucky and then Virginia. By going straight across until we get to Ohio we can cut out a few hundred miles, Jim can ride on the Ohio bike trail and best of all I can see the grand kids for a couple of days before we get to Kentucky. So that is the plan. Our rest day will be in Ohio. Just a short hello but we probably won't see them again until Christmas time so it will be worth it.

It was nice to see windmills again in Illinois. You really can not appreciate how big they are until you are right up next to them. Some of them were pretty close to the road too and I was amazed at how quiet they were. But is was amazing to see whole fields full of them. We probably rode by hundreds of them. I hope they are making lots of energy. And it's weird too because some were turning and some were not. But most of them were.

Then it was on to Indiana. Still lots of farms. And beautiful countryside. Jim saw an Amish family in their buggy selling veggies. I missed them. Tomorrow we will be in Ohio and in 2 days we will be in Kentucky. From there is should only be a couple of weeks and we will be on the east coast of the US and our trip will be complete. It has been fun and I can't believe we are definitely on the back end.

We saw this happy face on our way into Wateska, Indiana. Guess they have the right attitude. And it was the last picture taken before someone killed the camera with a banana. I can't believe we are going to be on our third camera this trip. When we were in Ohio we need to get a new camera. Someone had a banana in the same compartment of his bike bag as the camera and with the heat the banana got mushy and leaked banana guts and juice into the camera and shorted out the LED screen on the back. Technically I think it still takes pictures. You just have no idea what you are taking a picture of. So we need a new camera because you know if we don't have one we will see something awesome.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Gem Kitty

Gem Kitty is a fellow artisan with a studio on ArtFire. I love her jewelry. She uses various stones and metals and puts them together in a very eye catching fashion.

She has necklaces, bracelets and earrings in a wide range of colors and designs. I have a few of her pieces here. I love the colors in the bracelet.

It really puts me in the mood for autumn. And since I use a lot of turquoise in my jewelry you know these earrings really caught my eye.

Pay Gem Kitty a visit. I don't think you will be disappointed when you do.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

From Minnesota to Iowa

We have finally made it through Minnesota and into Iowa. Another state under our belts. The western part of Minnesota was much nicer. There were several lakes that we rode past and it was very scenic. The eastern part of Minnesota is mostly farms. Which are nice but after a few miles of nothing but corn you are ready for a change in scenery. We finally did make it to the Mississippi and that was nice. Two nights ago we ate at a restaurant that was right on the river. They had outside tables so it was nice.

The next day's ride took us across the river into Wisconsin but then back again into Minnesota. The route was supposed to take us back inland to farm country again so we edited it and rode straight down along the river. It was a beautiful ride. The road was a little beat up and therewere a couple of spots where the shoulder was tight. That may be why they took you back inland. But for the most part the road was good and the traffic was very light. So it was a nice ride along the river and through all the cute little towns there.

We will be in Iowa for the next couple of days. Then we skirt the southern part of Illinois and go into to Kentucky for the trek east to Virginia. If Jim can keep up at his 100 mile rides every day we should be done in 3 weeks. That would get me home in time for preseason. I will be happy if we are home by the first football game of the season. Preseason is a bonus.