Monday, March 23, 2009

Adorable Hats

Aren't those the most adorable hats you have ever seen??? I thought they were. I certainly would have loved to have hats like that when my kids were young. OK, I know I raised them in Florida and it doesn't get that cold. But there were some days when I would have killed for them to keep something on their heads to keep their ears warm. All I could find were the knit caps and they pulled them off as fast as I put them on. At least if it looked cute and fun I might have stood a chance.

I know it is officially Spring and we are looking forward to warmer days and wearing shorts and tee shirts. But every time I see these hats on ArtFire they make me smile. And hopefully I have a few readers who are in the cooler parts of the globe. Not everyone is putting their sweaters away just yet.

So take a look at these adorable hats. They are made by Miss D at Custom Cosplay on ArtFire. I am sure she would be thrilled to send you one to keep your little ones ears warm and cozy.

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  1. Your work is funtastic!! I like your blog too: like these hats - really great!