Monday, August 31, 2009

Lots of New Things

I have not blogged in several days. And I have had all good intentions of doing so. But ArtFire and Facebook have kept me busy. And then I did sneak in a visit with the grand kids as well.

So let me tell you the exciting news. ArtFire has now made it possible to have a tab on your Facebook page for an ArtFire Kiosk. Now I know that doesn't sound very exciting but just wait until you hear what that does. Anyone can click on that tab and when they do it opens your ArtFire Studio right there on your Facebook page. So friends can browse your studio without leaving Facebook. And if they see something they simply can't live without all they have to do is click on the image and they can buy it right there and then. How awesome is that application. Those geeks at ArtFire are always looking for ways for us to get our pieces before the public eye.

The other project I work on was to create a Facebook page for Jewelry to Keep. I want a separate page where I could not only showcase all my jewelry but also items from all the great Artisans on ArtFire. And I wanted to "try" and get 100 fans so that I could keep my jewelrytokeep url. Well, within 2 days I had my 100 fans so now it is official...... is all mine. So besides showcasing Crazy Train Riders and Artisans from ArtFire and from the ArtFire Jewelry Designer and Jewelry Supply Guild on my blog, I will also be showcasing them on my Jewelry To Keep Facebook Page. I hope you will check it out and even become a fan.