Saturday, August 1, 2009

We Are Almost to the East Coast

We decided to take our course due east across Illinois and Indiana then into Ohio, down to Kentucky and then on to Virginia. The original course that was set out for us had us going south into Missouri and then skirting the southern part of Illinois then onto Kentucky and then Virginia. By going straight across until we get to Ohio we can cut out a few hundred miles, Jim can ride on the Ohio bike trail and best of all I can see the grand kids for a couple of days before we get to Kentucky. So that is the plan. Our rest day will be in Ohio. Just a short hello but we probably won't see them again until Christmas time so it will be worth it.

It was nice to see windmills again in Illinois. You really can not appreciate how big they are until you are right up next to them. Some of them were pretty close to the road too and I was amazed at how quiet they were. But is was amazing to see whole fields full of them. We probably rode by hundreds of them. I hope they are making lots of energy. And it's weird too because some were turning and some were not. But most of them were.

Then it was on to Indiana. Still lots of farms. And beautiful countryside. Jim saw an Amish family in their buggy selling veggies. I missed them. Tomorrow we will be in Ohio and in 2 days we will be in Kentucky. From there is should only be a couple of weeks and we will be on the east coast of the US and our trip will be complete. It has been fun and I can't believe we are definitely on the back end.

We saw this happy face on our way into Wateska, Indiana. Guess they have the right attitude. And it was the last picture taken before someone killed the camera with a banana. I can't believe we are going to be on our third camera this trip. When we were in Ohio we need to get a new camera. Someone had a banana in the same compartment of his bike bag as the camera and with the heat the banana got mushy and leaked banana guts and juice into the camera and shorted out the LED screen on the back. Technically I think it still takes pictures. You just have no idea what you are taking a picture of. So we need a new camera because you know if we don't have one we will see something awesome.

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