Tuesday, July 28, 2009

From Minnesota to Iowa

We have finally made it through Minnesota and into Iowa. Another state under our belts. The western part of Minnesota was much nicer. There were several lakes that we rode past and it was very scenic. The eastern part of Minnesota is mostly farms. Which are nice but after a few miles of nothing but corn you are ready for a change in scenery. We finally did make it to the Mississippi and that was nice. Two nights ago we ate at a restaurant that was right on the river. They had outside tables so it was nice.

The next day's ride took us across the river into Wisconsin but then back again into Minnesota. The route was supposed to take us back inland to farm country again so we edited it and rode straight down along the river. It was a beautiful ride. The road was a little beat up and therewere a couple of spots where the shoulder was tight. That may be why they took you back inland. But for the most part the road was good and the traffic was very light. So it was a nice ride along the river and through all the cute little towns there.

We will be in Iowa for the next couple of days. Then we skirt the southern part of Illinois and go into to Kentucky for the trek east to Virginia. If Jim can keep up at his 100 mile rides every day we should be done in 3 weeks. That would get me home in time for preseason. I will be happy if we are home by the first football game of the season. Preseason is a bonus.