Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Circle to Culbertson, Montana

This is our last stretch in Montana. Yesterday's ride was kind of hilly as shown in the picture below. At times it was like being on a roller coaster. You go up and then you go down and then right back up again. There weren't many flat patches. Today there were some rolling hills again but longer stretches of flat ground to cover.

When we got into Culberston there were two motels and a campground. So I figured we would not have a problem finding a place to stay. Right? Wrong! Both motels were booked. So we figured we would stay in the campground. They were booked too. The lady at the campground told us that they are doing major road construction. It is a really big project so they had to bring in a lot of workers and they are all staying in the motels and campgrounds there. Since we didn't need any hook ups for our van she let us park it under a tree near the bathroom and spend the night there. So at least we had a place to sleep. We went to the local casino for dinner. Every town we have gone through so far has a casino with a restaurant in it.

After dinner we came back to the van and settled in for the night. Later that night we were startled awake by severe lightening and thunder like I had not heard in Florida. It wasn't the loud cracks that I was used to. It was long low rumbles that went on forever. And sometimes louder than others. Then the wind kicked up. When I saw the van was rocking I am not using that saying as a figure of speech. It was rocking baby. And it wasn't rocking me back to sleep. I was afraid to look out the window. I was sure I would see Dorothy and Toto flying by. At some point I finally went back to sleep and it seemed like as soon as I did then Beau was whining to go out and it was morning. At some point you just have to give up and get up. And that is what we did.

It was off to the local diner for breakfast and then off to start another journey. We are hoping the road work wouldn't be too bad and it would be smooth sailing into North Dakota. One more state under our belts.

Jim took this picture when he was riding today. I knew the Boyce's had a cabin in Georgia but I didn't know they had a ranch in Montana too. Life must be good.

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