Thursday, July 2, 2009

We are in Idaho

Oh No Mr Bill we are actually in Idaho now. Tom has Mr Bill strapped to the front of his bike. So I had to include him somehow in my blog.
I now know where the Amber Waves of Grain came from in America the Beautiful. And they are beautiful too. We are definitely in grain country. And there is a lot of it too. As far as the eye can see. And that grain loves to grow on hills. Today's ride was beautiful but very hilly. There was one downhill that I was a little freaked out on in the van. I would have been screaming on a bike. Besides going down and down and down you were going around some nice curves and not all of them had guard rails. But it was nice country and we made it to the campsite. We are right on the shore of the Clearwater River. It is very peaceful here. Beau is laying in the sun enjoying the peace and quiet. It was very cold last night because we were up in the mountains on Winchester Lake. We had a nice campsite right on the Lake. It was surrounded by tall pines too. I will download those pics and post in next update. That's it for now.

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