Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Alisuns Too For Won

It's Alisuns turn to be featured on the Crazy Train. She has this second studio just for items that she wants to "destash". As any of you who are into crafting or making handmade items know, after a while things begin to accumulate. You may have a few beads from this project and some left over chain from another. So what to do with all of your stash items is sometimes a mystery. Many ArtFire artisans have seperate studios set up to "destash" and Alisun is one of them. Here is her studio description

AlisunsToo is the store where in order to give good homes to unused supplies and vintage pieces (some were made 30 years ago) you Always Get Too For Won. Here is the simple Too rule. Buy an item. Shop for another item OR ITEMS that equal the purchase price. Pay the shipping price ONLY if it weighs more than 13 oz.

That's it. Have fun shopping! This is where you will find all my destash, and stuff that doesn't fit in my Alisun's Custom Crafted Jewelry store (www.alisuns.artfire.com).Things will never be the same here, and I can't promise that I can recreate some of the things I've listed.Have fun browsing!

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