Monday, May 18, 2009

Jenn Found Me

I can hardly believe it. Jenn of Jennuinecandles guessed where I was on from the first day's posting. She is getting too good at this. But in all fairness we really did not move that far. After next week we will really start to cover some territory.

Since I do not have to give you more clues to narrow down my location, which is Front Royal, I can just tell you about our hike today. It was very cold yesterday and I was really worried about Jim being out on the trail in just shorts and a light weight jacket. It started off chilly but it got colder as the day went on. I was in the van working on jewelry and when I stopped to take a break and go on a little walk with Beau I was amazed at how much colder it was. We went right back in the van and I put long pants on and put Beau's jacket on him. We started out on one of the trails and we came upon a deer grazing and eating. He didn't even seem to be too bothered that we were there either. He just stopped eating and watched us for a while and then just moved a little farther away and started munching again. I had a hard time getting Beau out of the woods. He loves all the different animal scents.

On today's walk he even rolled around in the grass on his back. He was a happy little Basset. It was much warmer today. The air was still cool but the sun was out an it felt really good. It made you feel all nice and toasty. When Beau and I were walking in a meadow today I heard someone yell out hey Beau. It was a hiker that we had met on the trail yesterday. He remembered Beau and came over to pet him again. Everyone remembers Beau on the trail.


Today's crazy train rider is Deb Vandet Designs. She has a little bit of everything in her studio. I especially like the microscope slides that she has decorated and turned into pendants. My husband is a medical technologist and has worked in medical laboratories for over 30 years. Still he wasn't as impressed as I was. I think it is very creative.

Here is Deb's from the Artisan

Welcome to debvandetdesigns! Handmade jewelry for you and artful adornments for you and your home. I use mixed media and a variety of techniques, new and recycled components to make my original designs. Whether your style is girly or goth, I might have something you'll love. If not... I would love to make it for you. Custom work and collaboration on a piece of jewelry that is personal and meaningful for you is a joy for me.

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