Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Next Clue

I only had one guess yesterday and it was not even in the right state. So I will tell you that I am in the state of New York. There are several long finger shaped lakes here and several vineyards. That should at least get you into the right part of the state. Tomorrow I will really narrow it down for you so we can have a winner by Friday.
Another hint I will give you is that I am in a very small town. We are staying with my mother in law so I do not have Internet access at her house. So each day I go to the library and log on. Fortunately for me the library has a beautiful Internet cafe so I can have a cappuccino and chat and post to heart's content. So I can only check in with Plurk, facebook, Twitter and ArtFire once a day. That will have to hold me over until next week. I am pretty sure the place we are staying next have wifi. Yipee.


  1. ok you are in one of the 6 counties of Fingers Lakes NY. Beautiful area and hope you are having fun! You are only about 4-5 hrs away from me!

  2. Karrie,
    You are very close. I will give you another hint since you are so close. We are very close to a glass factory and there is a town in England with the same name as the city we are in. It's really a small town not a big city

  3. rats!...just a tad late with my answer of Corning which Franni above guessed before me!...congrats if correct....

  4. Are you in Bath?

    Andrea Wagner