Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ride Across America Days Five and Six

Here are some of the pictures of the waterfalls from yesterday's ride. They were spectacular. And the road was a historical drive path so it was not only beautiful but very peaceful. When you weren't seeing gorgeous views of the mountains and the river gorge you were driving on tree lined roads in dappled sunlight. What a great way to recharge the batteries.

Today's ride was another one where we had great views of the mountains and the river gorge. It is amazing how far the Columbia River goes and right through the mountains. And all along the river is a railroad and there are more freight trains going all along the river carrying all our goods to the middle of the country. I never realized how much freight goes through here and by train.

We had another stay at a campground. It was nice but nothing special. A piece of grass and some water. No electricity. And you had to use quarters to get hot water for your shower. Fifty cents for 3 minutes. I didn't think I could shower and wash my hair that fast but I did it. It is really amazing what you can do when you have to. We are at the bottom of the hill tonight and it is looming in the background for the guys. I hope they sleep well because right off the bat tomorrow it is straight up the side of the mountain. It is giving me the willys and I will be driving.


Well the guys are headed up the mountain and I am off in the van. It was another ride through the mountains but this time there was nothing and I mean nothing around. Hills, river, farm animals and windmills on the tops of the mountains. That's it. No towns, no stores, no gas, nothing. But once the guys make it up the first big hill it isn't too bad. And there is very little traffic on this road so it is nice riding for them. There is an occasion semi and a few pick up trucks and that is it.

The campground for tonight is on an Island in the middle of the Columbia River. There is one little road that leads to the Island. It was a good thing I got there early as there was only one site left. So I grabbed it and settled in for the day to wait for the guys. It is Friday and I guess a lot of people camp here on the weekend. I can see why. This is the Hilton of campgrounds. We have water, electric, real bathrooms with showers. You still need to pay for a shower though but hey they are nice showers. And you are surrounded by the river. There is even a little beach type area on the river. And lots of boats on the river too. We have a nice shady spot and the site is big. Not the little postage stamp sites we have been getting. This is much better. I better enjoy it because tomorrow we are back to a primitive site. You can't have the good life all the time I guess.

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