Friday, June 12, 2009

We Made it to Wyoming

So we have left South Dakota and ventured on to Wyoming. I was really hoping that once we changed states the rain would be behind us. No such luck. It rained for almost the entire 6 hour drive. But once we got close it did stop long enough for me to get some nice photos of the Grand Tetons. And imagine my surprise to see snow. I must say that everything out here is also lush and green. Must be all that rain.

So we are staying in Jackson, Wyoming. It is a quaint resort town. I am sure it is lovely in the winter too. There are some nice ski slops and they advertise sleigh rides through the town too. But I can't imagine riding on these winding roads in snow. The mountains are gorgeous though.

Today we drove to Yellowstone and saw Old Faithful. It was impressive. Quick but impressive. The park is awesome though. After the eruption we took a hike up to a look out point that over looks Old Faithful and all the smaller geysers. It was quite a hike up there but well worth the view. We did see some buffalo out in a field while we were up there but we were so high up they looked like little brown specks.

Tomorrow we are going to drive through Grand Teton Park. We had Beau in a doggie day care today so tomorrow we are going to give him a break and take us with him. We heard him howling as soon as we walked through the front door. I guess he didn't like it. Poor baby. There is another one in town we may try next week. They don't put them in cages so maybe he won't miss us as much. Speaking of Beau, it's time for his walk and then night night. Later all.

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