Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Time For Another Giveaway

So we are on the move again. And I am starting another giveaway. We had a great visit with my son and his family for my eldest grandson's 8th grade graduation and a surprise 40th birthday party for my son. And then to top the weekend off we all went on a hot air balloon ride. It was awesome even if there wasn't a lot of wind and we didn't go very far. The view was awesome and it is so calm and peaceful up there. I highly recommend it if you get the opportunity.

Needless to say I was busy for several days and barely had time to plurk let alone blog. But I am back on the road again and in full giveaway mode too. I am going to do this week's a little bit differently though. I am a member of the Artfire Jewelry Artists and Jewelry Supply Shops Guild. And we are having our first guild giveaway too. So I am going to promote that giveaway along with mine. To read about the guild give away click on the name of the guild above or go to

So for this week you need to go to the guild blog above. There are nine studios listed. For each shop that you post here along with the name of a red item from there studio I will email you a clue to determine where my location will be at the end of the week. So instead of posting clues here I will be sending them to you directly. You need to tell me how you want them sent to you. I can go to your studio and contact you that way or via plurk or your blog.

So hurry on over to our guild blog and check out that giveaway. And you can enter that one while you are there too. And if you are really good and also a little lucky you could win both. The bracelet shown here is the one I am giving away this week. Good luck and happy detective work.

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