Wednesday, April 15, 2009

3z Art

I love browsing around in the 3z Art Studio on ArtFire. There are always new and interesting things to find for your home there. And no matter your taste or style I am sure you can find something that will interest you there. I did. Today I found this awesome switch plate with sea shells and rocks on it. Not only do I have a sea shell spread on the bed in my guest room, but it is in these exact colors. So I ordered 3 of them. I am so excited. If you have stayed in my guest room you know how nice they are going to look. I do love the switch plate covers most of all in this studio. But there are other fun items there too.

All of the switch plate covers are hand crafted using the age old technique of decoupage. 3z uses a minimum of 3 coats of sealer to insure quality. This process allows you to clean all plates with a damp cloth. They are made from fabric instead of paper which forms better to the light plate. The fabric is folded over the back of the plate to prevent the edges from folding up. Then they are finished off by insulating the back of the plate.

Coasters are made using salvaged ceramic tiles and many coats of sealant to protect the fabric. They are backed with felt to protect your furniture.

All the Mouse Pads are hand-made using a technique similar to heat pressing. They have a non slip rubber backing.

So buzz on over to the 3z Art Studio and you will be amazed at all the designs and patterns there are to choose from. And you can custom order most items too.

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