Friday, April 3, 2009

Pirate Pixie Crew

Pirate Pixie Crew is today's featured studio from ArtFire. Here is a little bit about the studio in the owner's own words.

Name: Lynne

Products: Hat's, bags, armwarmers,legwarmers, scarves/cowels - soon to be added bunting and eye patches

Shop theme: Fun and adventure. When you buy one of my hats you become a member of the Pirate Pixie Crew. The story of how there came to be a Pirate Pixie Crew on Captain Skulduggery Dugs Galleon can be read on my website or in my profile. I want to encourage people of all ages to use their imagination to have fun. There is a new "Captains Log" on the website that is going to be updated most days with what has been happening in the world of Captain Skulduggery Dug. Hopefully soon we will have story pages where when people login they can add their name to the stories,so they become personalized. I want to encourage children and parents to read together and feel that by putting the children's names into the adventures this might do that.

Methods: Crochet, sewing and knit.

This is the website that runs alongside my shop.
There is a bit of a bio of me on my blog.

I just love this little newborn hat. I know it would be adorable and certainly keep that precious little head warm.

And how about these mittens. I love the exposed fingers so you can actually do things with them on but still keep your hands warm. If only it got cold enough to wear those in Florida. NOT. I'll keep my warm climate. But they are one of my favorite items in Lynne's studio.

Any who couldn't use a pretty sweater to keep your iPod warm. You wouldn't want to go out in the cold weather and expose your tunes to that climate would you??

So all of you who do not have the good fortune to live in a sub tropical climate like I do need to visit Lynne's studio on ArtFire. Pirate Pixie Crew is the place to go for all your cold weather needs. I may just have to get that top hat for my Christmas visits to Ohio.

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