Sunday, April 5, 2009

Catepillar Peacock

Caterpillar Peacock is the featured ArtFire Studio for today. The artisan is Lyndsey and she is in Ontario, Canada. Here is how she describes what she does.

I'm a big weirdo, through and through. I like strange things that make me laugh. If you've ever seen the show Clone High, I like to think that it's my EXACT sense of humor. Funny and ironic, and kinda off kilter. This helps explain what I make, teeny tiny hats. I crochet them first and then felt them in my washing machine until they're just right and finally I block them to just the right shape. I make all sorts of hats: berets, fedoras, top hats, you name I can crochet it. Well, that's what I make to sell, mostly. I've been expanding out into other things as well, like jewelry, but not your run of the mill jewelry, it's soft and made of wool too. Right now because of spring I've been working on making plant inspired stuff, like ivy vines and calla lilies. It's been a lot of fun.

Lindsey says she has been crafty since she was a little girl. Her Mom taught her to crochet when she was 8 and her hands have been busy making things every since that time. She says she gets inspired by everything around her, nature, colors, games, comics. It sounds like she has a very creative mind.

Lindsey also likes to do custom work. So if you have an idea for a tiny hat that you would like her to make just give her a shout on ArtFire.

I really like seeing all the new items that pop up daily on ArtFire and Caterpillar Peacock always has some nice things to offer.

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